If you want to eat a big cake in Japan, you should go here! ~HARBS~

HARBS ハーブス Foods in English

In Japan, Don’t you wish the cakes you eat at cafes were a little bigger? ? There is a store that can make that wish come true! It’s HARBS.

If you want to eat a big cake, you can’t go wrong with HARBS! ! !

Overseas Visitors, do you ever think that Japanese cakes are smaller than those in your own country? If you go to HARBS, you can fully enjoy Japanese cakes! ! ! !

HARBS ハーブス

It’s so delicious! Strawberry chocolate cake!

This time I had the strawberry chocolate cake. Personally, I like it the most! ! ! Strawberry shortcake may seem too simple, but this cake has a chocolate sponge and even custard cream.

There are plenty of strawberries used, both on the top and inside! ! ! ! It’s so delicious! ! ! !

HARBS ハーブス

The banana cake was also rich and delicious. It’s huge anyway.

HARBS ハーブス

HARBS also boasts a variety of black teas!

Please take your time and enjoy the cake with tea! It’s like a pot of tea! You can drink 2 cups. It’s truly a luxurious moment! ! !

It’s a very popular store, and there’s usually a line of people waiting to get in.

HARBS ハーブス
HARBS ハーブス
HAEBS ハーブス

You can also take out the cake

For those of you who don’t like waiting in line! Good news! ! ! If you go to the store, you can even buy a take-out cake! !

Everything looks delicious. You will definitely have a hard time deciding which cake to choose. The whole cakes on display are also a sight to behold. It looks even more delicious than the small portions! !

HARBS ハーブス

There are several stores, but this time I went to HARBS located in the Maru Building near Tokyo Station!

Check out the list of shops on the official website (here)! It’s located in the Kanto, Kansai, and Tokai areas! Surprisingly, there are two stores in New York.

All cake lovers should definitely visit HARBS! !

Stay tuned for more updates of Japan. See you soon!
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