An exquisite collaboration of salty and sweet! Elegant and sophisticated Japanese sweets ~Anko Tenbei~

天米 Foods in English

This is a delicate and elegant Japanese sweet that is unique to Japan! ! ! This is Anko Tenbei from Tokyo Fujimido. All overseas visitors should try it!

A collaboration between senbei(rice crackers) and red bean paste, the saltiness and sweetness are a perfect match. This is a taste that cannot be expressed in words.


It’s so delicious that you can’t stop eating it! !

The size is small and you can eat it quickly.


When you bite into it, the taste of salty rice crackers jumps out at you. And the sweetness of the red bean paste will follow you later.

This is insanely delicious. Anyway, it’s the perfect amount of salt and sweetness! ! ! The red bean paste is not too sweet, has a moist texture, and is extremely delicious.


The expiration date is longer than I expected!

The expiration date for items purchased on August 18th is September 29th. It’s been over a month! I would like overseas visitors to purchase, take home, and enjoy with their family and friends from their home countries.


You can buy at the Tokyo store or Isetan online. Please be prepared to wait in line!

Click here for a list of stores → (Tenbei official website). The store that sells it is Tokyo.

グランスタ東京店(JR東日本東京駅地下1F) 〒100-0005 東京都千代田区丸の内1-9-1

エキュート日暮里店 〒116-0013 東京都荒川区西日暮里2-19 日暮里駅構内エキュート日暮里

池袋東武店 〒171-8512 東京都豊島区西池袋1-1-25
東武百貨店池袋店B1F 4番地

伊勢丹新宿店 〒160-0022 東京都新宿区新宿3-14-1 伊勢丹新宿店本館地下一階甘の味

松屋銀座店 〒104-8130 東京都中央区銀座3-6-1 地下一階

青砥本店 〒125-0062 東京都葛飾区青戸3-25-7

You can purchase online at Mitsukoshi Isetan’s online shop! Click here → (Isetan Online Shop)

It seems to be very popular, with some stores selling out by the morning. There are quite a few lines.

But it’s worth lining up! ! ! Please do try that out !

Stay tuned for more updates of Japan. See you soon!
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