Amazing Upper Tongue Slice with Salt(Jo-shio-tan)! Yakiniku restaurant in Saitama Omiya loved by locals ~ Meigetsuen ~

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Of all the Yakiniku restaurants I’ve eaten at, Meigetsuen’s Upper Tongue Slice with Salt”Jo-shio-tan” is the most delicious! It’s already become my habit to eat this. Other menus are also very delicious. It’s a wonderful Yakiniku restaurant with great cost performance  which is always crowded with locals.


I think Yakiniku is a style of enjoying meat that is unique to Japan. It’s a very Japanese way of eating meat, where you cut it into thin slices and grill the various parts of meat by yourself. The way Westerners enjoy meat is more like eating a huge steak.

I would like overseas visitors to enjoy the goodness of a Yakiniku restaurant run by locals.

Amazing Upper Tongue Slice with Salt(Jo-shio-tan)

This is really delicious. It has a very salty taste, and even though I eat it without sauce or lemon, it is extremely delicious. I can’t stop using chopsticks. I end up eating more and more.


The green onion salad for Appetizer

The green onion salad is also a specialty! ! This dish is made after ordering, so the green onions are crunchy and the spicy miso-like flavor makes it easy to eat.


Rump is simple and yammy!

If you like red meat, you’ll love it! It’s also juicy and delicious


Harami(Outside Skirt)

Skirt steak is often served with seasoning sauce, but at this restaurant you can choose between salt or sauce! ! ! I like salt, so I’m personally happy that I can enjoy the taste of skirt steak itself



Hatsu is the part of the cow’s heart.

Hearts have no odor and have a light taste. It’s elastic and very delicious. I chose salt for seasoning.


The secret to deliciousness is seasoning immediately after ordering!

It was so delicious that I talked to the staff at the restaurant, and they told me that they season it with salt or sauce after ordering. Since the meat is sourced from raw meat, the restaurant can adjust the seasoning at its discretion.

We have recommended seasonings for each menu item, but if you have a preference for salt or sauce, just let staff know when ordering!

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Address: Sakuragi cho 4-701-2, Omiya-ku, Saitama City, Saitama prefecture
Station: JR Omiya Station