Universal restaurant for vegetarian, halal and meat eater! ~SOLEIL~

ソレイユ SOLEIL Foods in English


I found a shop with a very nice concept! Aiming to be a “place without food borders”, this restaurant was created with the ideal of food diversity so that various people can enjoy their meals at one table! They do their best to meet the dietary restrictions.


The restaurant name is ”SOLEIL”

Soleil means “sun” in French. The shop has the meaning of blessings to all people like the sun. I am impressed by this heartful concept.

Unique system for diversifying menu !

There are a lot of menu! ! ! Although there are several another restaurants especially for vegetarian or halal, but this restaurant also has a menu for meat eaters.

The system is designed so that each person can order what they can eat. Vegetarians can enjoy it, and meat eaters can enjoy meat. This is new!

Of course, everyone feel choosing a vegetarian menu today! If that’s the case, then you should only order items with the vegetarian mark.

When I went there, I tried the vegetarian course. There are so many vegetarian dishes! I enjoyed a rich lineup of it.

There is “Nomihoudai” menu!

“Nomihoudai” means you can drink as much as you want! That’s common system in Japan. If you drink a lot, please choose this system!! Usually, the time limit is 2 hours as SOLEIL Nomihoudai menu.

Stay tuned for more updates of Japan. See you soon!
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・Website is here
・Train station: JR “Shinbashi” (6 min by walk), Tokyo metro Ginza line “Ginza”(6 min by walk), Toei metro Mita line “Uchisaiwaicho”(5 min by walk)