Be Otani-san, why not try Japanese food’s two-way player, “Tendon” and “Ramen” combo in Ginza

ハゲ天ラーメン Foods in English


This is good news for overseas visitors who want to eat both tendon (tempura on the rice) and ramen, which are loved by Japan people. Hage Ten, a long-established tempura restaurant with a history of 90 years, has opened a unique shop. It is “Tendon / Ramen shop -Hage Ten-” that located on the Ginza Suzuran Street.

Tendon and Ramen

At a reasonable price, you can taste both tendon and ramen. What a paradise! Of course, tendon is with a first class tempura of Hage ten. Ramen on the other hand, was developed in collaboration with the consulting department of the “Power Source Company”, which is the operating company of the super popular restaurant “Ippudo“. Absolutely delicious collaboration.


Popular combo

This combo seems is popular among overseas visitors. The restaurant workers are all friendly and willing to support overseas visitors who were huddled in front of the ticket vending machine. Multilingual support is also perfect.

Delicious food in a clean restaurant

You will see a meal ticket machine as soon as you enter the restaurant. Cash only.


The kitchen is in the back, and there is a long and narrow U-shaped counter. Put your meal ticket on the counter, the water will soon be served. Wait for 5 minutes, Tendon and Ramen combo will be served.

The tempura is fried crisply and dipped with a sweet sauce. You will be satisfied at once.


The ramen soup is Tonkotsu. The soup is great and goes perfectly well with tendon.

What I liked the most was that the noodles were thin. The thin noodles are delicious, and goes well with the soup.

Tendon and ramen combo? How is that? If you thought that, please try it once. You’ll love this rare combination.

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〒104-0061 Ginza 5-6-7, Chuo, Tokyo

2 minutes from Tokyo metro Ginza Line A1 exit
10 minutes from JR Yurakucho-station