Pot soup curry restaurant “Bonta”, there is a secret about the rice ball

土鍋カリーぼんた Foods in English

Soup curry is very popular with overseas visitor. Located here in Shinjuku Subnade Street, “Bonta” is a soup curry restaurant that serves Japanese-style dashi soup in a clay pot.


Choices, choices, and choices

When you order, you need to make various choices, so please research the menu carefully before ordering.

First of all, you need to choose rice? White rice or saffron rice? And there is a choice of rice balls, too. The rice balls here have a secret. The Bonta is the affiliated restaurant of “Bongo”. Bongo is very well-known rice ball shop in Otsuka, nowadays, you have to line up to eat it.

You can also choose the spiciness of the curry. I chose “Level 4”. When I heard that the person who ordered after me chose “Level 1”, I was frightened because I thought am I in trouble ordering Level 4?

Soup curry!


Now, here comes the pot curry. Japanese-style soup stock, dashi, with vegetable curry and saffron rice with plenty of vegetables. A level 4 soup curry, it was very delicious with a gentle spiciness. I was happy to find that it had plenty of vegetables, such as fried enoki, pumpkin, green beans, lotus root, eggplant, broccoli, paprika, okra, boiled eggs, and even fried tofu. The vegetables were fun to eat because they had different textures. I was very satisfied with the volume, too

Breakfast menu available

Until 11 a.m., they have a breakfast menu. It’s perfect restaurant for days when you want to eat a lot in the morning and spend the day energetically.


The store also sells rice balls. It would be a good idea to stop by before guiding the foreigners and buy rice balls for lunch.


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1-2-2, Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku, Tokyo