Freshly made Chiaki Dango@Saitama

千明だんご Foods in English


There is a dango shop with the best value for money near the Yamanaka Fish Cuisine and Toyoma Memorial Museum that I introduced previously.How about some freshly made soy sauce flavored dango as well? When I was driving nearby, I found Chiaki Dango! You can take out dango from this shop.


Cheap! ! ! Freshly made soy sauce dango is 90 yen!

It’s very cheap and delicious. I quickly bought and ate it fresh in the car!Nori-wrapped dango is also a good option for an extra 10 yen. Freshly baked, very soft and chewy! It has a delicious and simple soy sauce flavor. You can eat it all in one go.


There is a parking space. Cars were coming in one after another. Cheap and delicious local take-out dango! ! Please eat it fresh!


There are many Chiaki Dango! ?

The Chiaki Dango I went to was at the Kawashima branch, but when I looked into it, I found out that there are multiple locations (9 locations!?) in Saitama Prefecture! They have been running a rice cracker shop since the early Showa era, and started Chiaki Dango in 1980. It seems that the taste of soy sauce has not changed since then.

Please click for checking 9 Chiaki Dango’s locations ↓

千明だんごのお店一覧 – Google My Maps

Fill yourself up with dango while on your journey! It’s like old Japan!

Stay tuned for more updates of Japan. See you soon!

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292-1 Niihori, Oaza Kawajima, Hiki District, Saitama 350-0134
+81 49-297-2022