What a coincidence! that the Embassy of Canada in Tokyo and the Camellia tours have something in common



Our vision

Camellia Tours‘s VISION is ‘to make people from other countries feel like Japan is their second home.’ Our GOAL is to disseminate useful and updated information of Japan, create a circle of people who sympathize with us, and increase the number of people who want to return/visit to Japan.”

On the weekend that marked my one year anniversary since we started our blog, I discovered the following message ‘Make Canada your second home’

Make Canada your second home


Where do you think you discovered this phrase?

The Canadian Embassy in Tokyo!

It’s a stylish building and has a great sense of style. What is that building? What caught my eye was the message, “Make Canada your second home.”

120% Intimacy

It was an event that made me feel a sense of kinship, as I realized that Canadians have the same mindset. I felt very close to Canada. It’s a little surprising and so proud that it’s the same as the embassy’s vision phrase.

Canada-Japan Friendship Library

According to the Canadian Embassy’s website, the E.H. Norman Library is located on the second basement floor of the Embassy building, and is open to the public as a cultural facility to introduce Canada, as well as a library service, Canadian information center, and Canadian Study Abroad Center. If you present your ID, you can enter on weekday afternoons, so I’ll try to find a chance to visit there. E. Herbert Norman was born in Karuizawa and was a Canadian historian and diplomat who throughout his life worked to promote mutual understanding and friendship between the peoples of Canada and Japan.

Wishing for World Peace

Lake Louise is an emerald green glacial lake in Banff National Park, Canada. A photo taken when I went out to visit last autumn. I consider Canada to be one of my “second homes.” I  think that if more people were able to feel like the other countries as their second home, the world would be more peaceful.

Stay tuned for more updates of Japan. See you soon!
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