It just what I wanted! “handy long socks for enjoying footbath”

八ッ場道の駅マスコット Jotting

Japanese version

If you are wearing shorts and sandals, there is no problem enjoying the foot bath. Take off your sandals and dip your feet in the water for paradise moment. But when it is in winter. Then you are in trouble. It’s a hassle to take off your tights to take a footbath. Same for skinny pants lovers, which are popular among many international visitors. There were many cases where international visitors couldn’t enjoy the footbath for some reason. I found a product that can relieve those frustrations!

I found vinyl socks for foot baths. How clever. The price of 100 yen (under US$1!)  is also nice and considerate.


It was sold at Katakuri-no-Yu, the footbath section of the Furusatokan roadside station in Yamba.


The entire view of “Katakuri foot bath” is like this. Cozy and relaxing. Now that you’ve come this far, don’t miss the enjoyment. Such a sad situation of tight pants or tights can be avoided with these vinyl socks.


The spring quality is posted on the wall.


This roadside station has “Asama Kogen Milk Soft Ice Cream” made with Asama Kogen milk. It’s a delicious soft serve ice cream, so be sure to try it.

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Yamba Furusato-kan Co.,Ltd.
1567-4 Hayashi, Naganohara, Agatsuma, Gunma, 377-1309 JAPAN