Sour Japanese sweets, dried plums! Perfect for traveling

乾燥梅 男梅 スッパイマン Foods in English

One of the must-have Japanese sweets is dried plums! ! Overseas Visitors who like sour foods should definitely try this! Dried plums are also available in China and Taiwan, so I would like people to try them and compare them with those from their own countries.

乾燥梅 男梅 スッパイマン

If you like sour foods, please try this!

Speaking of dried plums, they are sour. The sourness is concentrated, and as you lick it, it melts away. You can taste it as if you were licking candy, or you can chew it hard and taste the sourness. It’s irresistible for sour food lovers!

A must-have item for people who are prone to motion sickness!

I have weak semicircular canals and get motion sickness easily, so I always rely on dried plums! ! !

Umeboshi(plum) seems to contain a trace amount of a component called “picric acid,” which is said to restore the sense of balance disrupted by motion sickness. In addition, the citric acid contained in it promotes saliva secretion, which restores the function of the semicircular canals to normal.

It’s hard to carry around the pickled plums themselves, so I always keep handy dried plums in my bag.

What does Suppaiman(スッパイマン) taste like?

These are my favorite dried plums! ! ! It has a sour taste and a sweet taste, giving it an overall mellow taste. It’s not too sour, so it’s recommended for first-timers! This is “Suppaiman”, which has been in candy stores for a long time.

干し梅 スッパイマン

What does Otokoume(男梅) taste like?

his gives the impression that it is a dried plum that has recently appeared compared to Suppaiman. This one is very sour and even salty.

If anything, it has a salty taste and is more stimulating. It’s definitely the perfect choice for people who want to wake up and prevent heat stroke in the summer! ! !

This intense feeling becomes addictive. Maybe for advanced users! ?

男梅 干し梅

Dried plums are an easy snack that you can buy at supermarkets and convenience stores! Please give it a try! !

Stay tuned for more updates of Japan. See you soon!
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