New food texture! ! ! Even though it’s a sable, it’s moist and rich ~ Bairindo Nama-Sable “Yawaraka” ~

梅林堂 やわらか Foods in English


It’s a new food texture! Even though it’s a sable, as the name suggests, it’s soft, moist, and has a light chocolate flavor. A revolution in sweets. This is the latest Japanese sweets that we would like overseas travelers to try.

梅林堂 やわらか

This is a popular sweet from Bairindo, a Japanese sweets shop in Saitama!

This is a long-established confectionery shop founded in 1864 in Kumagaya, Saitama. The first Mr. Kyubei, a farmer, was fascinated by the deliciousness of the sweets he had eaten in Kyoto and Ise, and started a sweets shop in Ishihara Village, a small village in Kumagaijuku.

For over 150 years, they have continued to pursue the deliciousness of sweets. It’s wonderful that Mr. Kyubey’s spirit of making good products locally has led to him becoming Saitama’s famous confectionery shop.

Bairindo’s paper bags are decorated with plums and birds, and are stylish with wonderful illustrations that give you a Japanese feel.


I ate these 4 types of raw sables!

All of them are super delicious. The combination of white chocolate and each flavor is wonderful, with a soft, moist texture and a gentle sweetness.

When you think of sublé, you think of a crispy biscuit, but it’s soft and moist.

梅林堂 やわらか

↑The milk flavor is sweet and brings out the taste of white chocolate, making it mellow.

梅林堂 やわらか

On the other hand, the matcha flavor is a perfect balance between the bitterness of matcha and the harmony of white chocolate. It has a very elegant taste.

梅林堂 やわらか

The kinako flavor is also very delicious! ! ! The taste of white chocolate supports the sweetness of kinako.

梅林堂 やわらか

Strawberries have a very fruity taste. The freshness of the strawberry is more pronounced here than the white chocolate. It tastes like Western sweets.

Where can we buy it? ? ?

The stores are mainly located in Saitama Prefecture.
Click here to find a store near you.

You can purchase it anywhere in the country at our online shop! ↓

JR Omiya Station shop may be easy access from Tokyo or other areas.

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