Let’s eat a Special Ramen!! #4~Honmamen~

ほんま麺 Foods in English


This is the 4th installment of the ramen series! ! ! “Homemade noodles Honma”. It is a very elegant and flavorful ramen that does not use chemical seasonings and emphasizes the flavor of the ingredients. What makes this restaurant special is its standard shio ramen (chicken hot water soup) and soy sauce ramen, as well as a variety of other menu items.


鶏白湯醤油らーめん/the chicken paitan(Slow-cooked chicken broth) soy sauce ramen

My favorite is “the chicken paitan(Slow-cooked chicken broth) soy sauce ramen”. The mellowness of the chicken broth and the slightly salty taste of the soy sauce combine to create an exquisite taste. Every time I end up drinking all the soup and find myself wanting more.


At first glance, it looks like soy sauce ramen, but the mellow and rich flavor of the chicken broth gives it a nice flavor, and the soy sauce gives it a light taste, making it very delicious. I’ve eaten it many times already. After trying various menus, I arrived at this chicken paitan soy sauce.

Chicken dumplings are also delicious. Char siu is good, but chicken dumplings go well with chicken paitan. And since the noodles are homemade, they are chewy and have a soba-like texture. This is also a very good combination with the soup. Oh, it’s delicious! ! ! I’m almost drooling as I write this article. Ah, I want to go eat now…


I would like all foreigners to visit these ramen shops that are difficult to find easily. I think you will enjoy the unique taste!

The surrounding area is a quiet residential area

When I first visited, I was a little lost. It’s a quiet residential area, and it doesn’t feel like there are any shops. . . It’s a little far from the station (6 minutes walk)… JR Komagome Station is the closest.


It opened in 2019 and has a new impression. The U-shaped counter is made of wood and has a very clean feel. I get the impression that there are many female visitors.


しおらーめん(鶏白湯スープ)/Shio Ramen (Slow-cooked chicken broth)

This is a rich soup made by adding potage soup made from domestic vegetables to chicken paitan soup made with luxurious Daisen chickens and chicken bones. It’s mellow and delicious.


醤油らーめん/Soy sauce ramen

For those who like light food, we recommend the soy sauce ramen! You can also add black pepper to your liking to enjoy authentic soy sauce ramen. Please choose the flavored egg according to your preference.


Even though the location is not great, there are always people there! ! ! There is a line at lunchtime, and there are people even after that time. The taste attracts people. I’m always impressed by how talented the ramen is.

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Station: JR Komagome Station, 6 min by walk from East gate