While you are in Japan, why not visit the Kakujogyorui, Fresh fish supermarket from Niigata prefecture? ~tour #98~

角上魚類 ツアー

English Version

There is a great fish store! This is Kakujogyorui. It is commonly called Kakujo. Locals say it’s an addictive supermarket that they can’t stop once they visit. The fish they sell is fresh and has a wide variety. They will also cut the fish you buy on the spot! ! Sushi is also delicious and affordable.


This is a fresh fish retail chain store originating from Niigata Prefecture and operating in the Kanto(eastern half of Japan, including Tokyo) area. It’s very popular and has the best cost performance!

We would like overseas visitors to enjoy the fun of buying delicious fish easily. I would like you to try grilled fish as well. If cooking is difficult for you, please buy grilled fish, tempura, fried fish, and delicious sushi!



We also have 10 kan sets and large group sets. There are also various packs of individual items, so you have a lot of choices! Everything is fresh and delicious!


If you are a large group, please make a reservation by phone in advance to ensure you can get it.



There is also a sashimi corner! You can also enjoy it with alcohol, or with hand-rolled sushi! ! There is a wide variety of sashimi.


There is also a fresh fish corner!

You can buy not only fish but also various seafood such as crabs and shellfish every day! The food will then be cut into pieces so that you can easily eat or cook it!


Side dishes such as fried foods, tempura, grilled fish, and boiled fish!

They also have a wide variety of seafood dishes. There are various kinds such as fried octopus and shrimp tempura! ! Even if you are too lazy to cook it yourself, you can enjoy it as a side dish! ! !

Delicious and cheap! Fresh fish is waiting for you! !

Why don’t you go to Kakujou Fish Shop near you? They are opening stores in the Kanto area! !

Please see the details of your nearest store on the official website.

Stay tuned for more updates of Japan. See you soon!
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