While you are in Japan, why not enjoy the traditional Japanese bathing style, detox in a stone chamber “Kannawa Mushiyu” -tour #103

kannawaonsen oita


Kannawa Mushiyu was founded by Ippen Shonin in 1276 during the Kamakura period. ` Kannawa Mushiyu is located in Kannawa Onsen, one of Beppu’s eight hot springs in Oita Prefecture.

This is the only place in Japan where you can enjoy the exquisite experience of lying on a field covered with medicinal herbs and being steamed. Surrounded by aroma and steam, it has an excellent detox effect.

The buildings on both sides are stone chambers separated by gender.


Traditional Japanese bathing style

Before entering the steam bath, wash your body in the indoor bath and change into a special clothing, yukata. When you are ready, the guide will open the door to the stone chamber. The inside is small enough for four people to sleep side by side. It’s dark, the ceiling is low, and it’s hot. The temperature inside is said to be close to 80 degrees Celsius.


At one’s feet, a medicinal herb, special iris, is spread out. The bottom of the floor is heated by hot spring fumes, so it’s hot to the touch the rock floor. When I lie down on my back, I immediately start sweating profusely. The maximum time the steam bath can be used is 10 minutes. First, after 8 minutes, a staff member will open the door and ask you that whether you had enough or not. You may add 2 minutes if you wish. Before entering the chamber, I was told that if I wanted to leave, the person in charge would open the door at any time if I gave a signal. To be honest, I was nervous at first because it was an unfamiliar environment. I can’t get a sense of time. I thought the person in charge had forgotten about me. Anyway, I asked for an extra 2 minutes as it was calming and made me feel good as I lay surrounded by the herb scent.

Wrapped in the scent of stone irises, video.

I was sweating heavily when I leave the chamber. There were many irises sticked to my feet. After taking off those irises, I took off my yukata and entered the indoor bath. I was totally refreshed.

At the indoor bath area, there was a mother and daughter from Taiwan. Apparently, her daughter could not stand the heat of the stone chamber and left after a few minutes. They both laughed and said it was a good memory of trip to Japan.

Steaming footbath

There is a foot steamer hut in the entrance area of the hot spring. Free of charge to try.


This is what it looks like inside the hut. When you open the front cover, there are two holes to put your feet in.

There are lots of posters with detailed instructions on how to take a steaming footbath.

How to enjoy steaming footbath.


Inside the hut, you’ll see an unique view you’ve never seen before. How do I do?


Stick your foot into the hole and put the lid on. Rather than dipping your feet in hot water like in a regular footbath, your feet are exposed to steam. Honestly, it’s pretty hot. It feels really good once you get used to it, but you can’t do it for a long time.


Steaming footbaths are something you don’t often get to experience, so please enjoy while you are in Kannawa onsen. It will be a good memory of your visit to Japan. This is a recommended point!


Kannawa 1, Beppu, Oita