While you are in Japan, why not visit the Fukusenji Temple in Atami, home of the mysterious Great Budda neck statue ~tour #93~

首大仏 Shizuoka


There is a ceramic statue of Shaka Buddha from the shoulders up, called the ‘Necked Buddha’, located at Fukusenji Temple. The temple is located across the Chitose River from Yugawara Hotspring area. Visit to worship the Great Buddha, which you can’t see anywhere else.


Great Necked Buddha

After climbing the steep stairs at the temple entrance, you will arrive at the flat grounds. Then, suddenly, the 2.5m-tall Necked Great Buddha appeared. It looks pretty impressive, right?


The side profile is also impressive with its large, thick, and long ears. There is a crack in the shoulder. It is made of ceramic.


It was built by Mitsutomo Tokugawa, the lord of Nagoya Castle, to mourn his mother. It was originally located within Nagoya Castle, and it is said that it was dedicated here after the 2nd World War. Apparently there was a body when it was in Nagoya Castle, but it is now missing. It’s quite mysterious, and I’d like to hear the story from the Great Buddha himself.

Thatched main hall of temple


Another feature of Fukusenji Temple is its thatched main hall. It was rebuilt in 1875 with 160 gold ryo. I myself had never seen a temple with a thatched main hall, so this was a surprising temple. I felt the atmosphere of an old temple that matched the peaceful Yugawara Hotsprings area.

Overview of the Temple

There is a thatched-roofed main hall, and there is a great Buddha neck statue in front. It’s a very comfortable space. Please take your time as you walk around the grounds, thinking about the past of the Great Buddha and where its body is located.


When you visit Yugawara Hotsprings, don’t forget to visit Fukusenji Temple! Since the Chitose River is the prefectural border between Kanagawa and Shizuoka prefectures, Fukusenji is located in Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture.

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191 Izumi, Atami, Shizuoka