While you are in Japan, why not visit the OK Supermarket to enjoy purchasing Japanese food/snack/obento/green tea/matcha powder! ~tour #109~

pizza Tokyo


When you go abroad, it’s fun to go to the local supermarket. There are unique vegetables and fruits, and even the same vegetables are in different sizes than you used to know, which makes it interesting. Time passes quickly as you wander around the supermarket, amazed at the prices of the food and envious of the wine lineup. When I go to the supermarket in abroad, I definitely feel that I’m visiting a foreign country.

Supermarket, the best way to learn about Japanese life

Japanese supermarkets are a wonderland for overseas visitors, as they have everything essential to the Japanese diet, including unique Japanese seasonings, ramen, dried foods, sweets, Japanese curry mix, Japanese tea/matcha, and cooking utensils. If you’re an expert on Japan and love Japanese cuisine, you’ll be even more pleased.

Ideal spot for purchasing souvenirs

Another great thing about supermarkets is that you can find souvenirs at reasonable prices. I see many overseas visitors buying large quantities of Japanese tea at supermarkets. Stick-type matcha products are also very popular for matcha lovers.

The large OK Ginza store is located in a prime location near Ginza

There is also a large supermarket in Ginza, with UNIQLO and Daiso on the upper floors.

Station. It’s so nice to be able to go to the supermarket along with brand shopping. A one-stop shop for all your desired shopping needs in Tokyo.

OK Ginza store is located on the first basement floor and second basement floor of Marronnier Gate Ginza 2. In the same building, there is UNIQLO on the 1st to 4th floors, GU on the 5th floor, and DAISO/THREEPPY on the 6th floor, an amazing lineup.


Unfortunately, photography is not allowed inside the OK store. The layout of B1 and B2 is like this. A typical supermarket in Japan, nothing special. Compared to the other supermarkets, I get the impression that they have a better selection of meat and frozen foods. It has drug store section and full lineup of alcohol drinks section, both targeting international visitors.


OK ready to eat foods section

Popular foods are the freshly baked pizza and cutlet bento.

The pizza is big. I put a 100 yen coin there so you will be able to grasp the size. The price is 498 yen. It tastes like pan pizza.

And a bento lunch box. This is 299 yen. The best selling bento in OK supermarket, they sell 5.5 million meals a year. The meat is also tender and voluminous. It was delicious.

They have roast beef bentos, sushi, rice balls, spring rolls, croquettes, salads, sandwiches, Japanese pickles, and variety of side dishes. It might be a good idea to buy bento and side dishes here and eat them at the hotel. There are many ways to enjoy this supermarket, so be sure to check it out!

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