While you are in Japan, why not visit ‘Sosuiko-museum‘, The world’s first Firefighting Standpipes Museum ~Tour #43~

送水口博物館 Tokyo


Do you know the Firefighting Standpipes? You definitely have seen them. It functions as for sending firefighting water to places where water cannot be discharged directly from fire engines, such as high-rise buildings and/or basement floors. The fire engine receives water from the fire hydrant, sends water into the building through the standpipes, receives the water inside the building, and discharges it. A standpipe serves the same purpose as a fire hydrant.

I know people don’t pay attention to it on a daily basis, but it’s always built into multi-story buildings. These are Firefighting Standpipes.

The world’s first Firefighting Standpipes Museum

In Shimbashi, there is a Firefighting Standpipe museum that is said to be the first Japan and probably the world’s first. Established as an event to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the founding of Murakami Manufacturing, a long-established company in water outlets. The third president is the director of the museum.

送水口博物館 看板

At the entrance, there is a sign of a Chinese restaurant. There is also a sign that says “Murakami Manufacturing”. Enter there and take the stairs up to the 5th floor.

送水口博物館 入口
送水口博物館 階段

When you arrive on the 5th floor, you will be greeted by a sign in the style of the train station manner. Pass in front of it and go to the rooftop. Take off your shoes at the entrance of the Firefighting Standpipe museum.

送水口博物館 駅看板風
送水口博物館 玄関

The inside of the building looks like this. The compact space on the roof of the building is a museum. This is actually a miniature on the museum. You can get a bird’s-eye view of the whole thing. It is a one-room museum.

送水口博物館 ミニチュア

Firefighting Standpipes are gathered there from all over Japan. The people’s love for standpipes are packed into the space.

Most of these standpipes are from the old building that was decided to be demolished. They have been carefully removed and brought here to be exhibited. They are living a second life. The collection of standpipes increases about 4 pieces every year.

送水口博物館 展示1
送水口博物館 展示2
送水口博物館 展示3

Touch and Try

At the museum, you may experience touching the Siamese Connection Standpipes and connecting a fire hose to the Firefighting Standpipes. Very pleasant experiences.

The connecting interface is standardized in Japan, it has the same specifications all over Japan. In the event of a major disaster, fire engines from all over the Japan can rush to support and cooperate in extinguishing the fire. Great standardization. According to the director, it is a interface with a world patent invented by Japanese person that is also used in Asian countries.

If you talk to the director who is full of enthusiasm for the Firefighting Standpipe, you will notice many standpipes on the way home just like I did. It’s a wonderful museum.


Warm welcome

送水口博物館 コースター
送水口博物館 パンフレット

Upon entry, you will receive a coaster and a pamphlet. The coaster is printed with the total number of visitors since the opening of the museum. The pamphlet has been renewed in both Japanese and English in anticipation that athletes will come to the Tokyo Olympics 2020. He is already prepared to give tours in English.

The director said that he would like to exchange opinions on the fire extinguishing activities of foreign buildings and what kind of water supply routes are equipped. If you have the opportunity to guide a foreigner with a deep knowledge of firefighting, please take him to the Firefighting Standpipe Museum.

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<Access> Murakami Building 5F, 2-11-1, Shimbashi, Minato, Tokyo, Japan