Must eat in Tokyo! A long-established Ningyoyaki shop that has been around for over 100 years ‐Shigemori Eishindo-

人形焼 Foods in English


On a busy day, Shigemori Eishindo sells nearly 10,000 pieces of ningyoyaki, which has a lightly sweetened anko (red bean paste) inner core and a thin kasutera (sponge cake) outer layer with a soft, fluffy texture.

Founded in 1917, the shop sits in the corner of the Suitengu Crossing, an entrance to Ningyo-cho. You will find a sweet aroma in front of the store.

The taste of homemade food is the scent of the heart

As the store’s tagline suggests, even though times have changed, you can see through the glass that many craftsmen are making the ningyoyaki.

Natural ingredients

There are no preservatives or colorings used. They use azuki beans from Tokachi, Hokkaido, white sugar, lots of chicken eggs, and high-quality flour.

Ningyoyaki and Tsuboyaki

This time, I bought Ningyoyaki and Tsuboyaki. It’s piping hot. Ningyoyaki is koshian (strained and smooth paste). Tsuboyaki contains grained red bean paste bean paste. Ningyoyaki is a made in the shape of the faces of the Seven Lucky Gods. Tsuboyaki is a large jar filled with red bean paste.

I ate it on the spot and enjoyed it piping hot. It’s really delicious. Here is the cross section I cut after I got home. Both have thin skins with plenty of bean paste.

Can be sold in pieces

There are showcases inside the store. It is also sold in pieces, It is perfect as a snack when you’re stroll down the town.

There were a lot of people buying in assortments. During the winter season, it is good for up to 5 days, so it would make a great souvenir from Tokyo.

Unique shop owner

When the store was moved to its current corner of Suitengu crossing, it was the first time in Japan that an airplane was loaded with promotional flyers and flung out from the sky. People all over Tokyo were surprised, and the shop’s name quickly spread. This spirit of ideas is probably the secret to the store’s longevity. Even now, the store staff are prompt and very kind. A very pleasant shop to visit.

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Shigemori Eishindo 2-1-1, Ningyocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo