While you are in Japan, why not stay at a fun, delicious, and surprisingly long stay hotel at a reasonable price in Yugawara ~ tour #30 ~

ニューウエルシア湯河原ホテル Shizuoka


I would like overseas visitors to enjoy hot springs in Japan. New WelCity Yugawara Hotel is a recommended inn to stay. Yugawara Onsen was even mentioned in the “Manyoshu (the oldest extant collection of Japanese waka (poetry in Classical Japanese), compiled sometime after AD 759 during the Nara period). ” It is located in a location that is easy access by public transportation from Tokyo. There is a free shuttle bus from JR Yugawara Station.

Moist and Smooth

The bath is of course natural hot spring water and ionized water. There is a spacious open-air bath, you can soak, take a half-body bath, lie down, and enjoy the sauna. It’s really relaxing. Your skin will feel smooth and your hair will feel moisturized. I would like overseas visitors to experience this relaxing space as much.


Good Food

The menu is extensive. The rich seafood dishes are especially delicious! The horse mackerel sashimi and stewed red sea bream are highly praised. The best part of all is that the people who serve us. They enjoy serving. The dining venue is a nice space filled with love. Everyone is happy after taking a hot spring bath and eating delicious food.

Unlimited one night!?

The most notable feature of this hotel is that you can stay in the wonderful bath for a long time. From 11:00 a.m. before check-in on the day of your stay until midnight after check-out the next day! OMG!


Even after checking out, they will lend you a yukata and towel for free of charge. How kind of them! Yukata is a popular item among overseas visitors as well. You can choose the color pattern and of course the size. Full hospitality.


In addition to the bath, you can also stay in the relaxation room. Soothing and relaxation place.

Camellia Logo

This hot hotel is full of hospitality. The logo mark is a camellia. Please enjoy this spirit shared with Camellia Tours. When I saw the camellia mark on the chopstick wrapper, I was so impressed that we share the same spirit of Omotenashi (the Japanese concept of hospitality)! ! !


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107, Izumi, Atami-city, Shizuoka