While you are in Japan, why not visit the Tomonaga Bakery at Beppu ~tour #99~

友永パン oita


When you come to Beppu, there is a bakery that you should definitely visit. Tomonaga Bakery is a long-established bakery that was founded in 1916. A very nice cozy store.


Tomonaga Bakery

This is a popular bakery visited by both locals and tourists, so be prepared to wait in line. It happened to be raining that day, so I was able to get into the store easily. Customers kept coming in one after another, showing how popular the store was.

Warm and welcoming customer service

When you enter the store, you will see bread lined up in glass cases. Friendly staff members serve customers promptly. Customers order what they would like to buy, and the clerk listening to the order wrote the number of items on a piece of paper, and calculated the bill. They put the breads in a bag. Most people buy in bulk. I wonder how much they are buying.

Reasonable price

I was shocked when I saw the price list posted inside the store. cheap! I had intended to buy just one bread for a snack, but the delicious-looking bread and the price led me to buy far more than I had planned. I would like the bakery to open a branch shop in my neighborhood. I want to go to the bakery everyday.


Bread is placed in a brown bag. It’s eco-friendly. This is a point that is highly appreciated by foreign tourists. Even though I was going back to Tokyo the next day, I ended up buying so many!パ


The bread is moist and has a simple taste. It had a gentle taste that made me feel nostalgic, and it was delicious. It was nice to be able to tell the flavor at a glance because each one had a sticker on it.

Good spot to visit other than Beppu Hot springs

This is a bakery where you can feel that Japanese bread is delicious. I was also impressed by the analog and warm hospitality of ordering over the counter. When you go to Beppu, be sure to visit and taste good tasty bread!

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2-29 Chiyo-machi, Beppu City, Oita-Prefecture