While you are in Japan, why not enjoy the Japanese wine, 100% made of organically grown Japanese grape ~Tour #101~

小布施ワイナリー Nagano


The Obuse winery, a small winery, located in Obuse Town, Nagano Prefecture. It is surrounded by peaceful countryside. Made with 100% domestically grown organic grapes from the Obuse Winery farm. It is a perfect winery to visit.

Nice Winery


A small Western-style building in the countryside.

Domaine Sogga

In France’s Burgundy region, a wine producer that handles everything from grape cultivation to winemaking, aging, and bottling is called a “Domaine,” and Obuse Winery is known as Japan’s leading domaine, “Domaine Sogga.”


It’s a great chance if you come across the obse wines

The wine can only be purchased at shops or authorized dealers. At the winery’s shop you can only purchase one bottle of wine per group per type. And they don’t accept tour groups either. . . What a rare wine. I purchased all 7 types that were available and sent them by courier. “Ah, I finally bought it!” Feeling of relief and accomplishment!


Climate suitable for wine making

Obuse’s climate is ideal for wine production, with large daily and yearly temperature differences, and little precipitation, but much of it falls in the summer. A restaurant in Obuse Town serves wine from Obuse Winery. It was a delicious white wine with fruity flavors. Best match with food.


Obuse Winery was established in 1942. Its predecessor was Obuse Sake Brewery, which was founded in 1867. That’s why they also produce sake during the winter, when winemaking is not busy, and they have recently become famous for their sake as well. However, this was also a rare sake. . . I haven’t come across it yet.

Please visit Obuse Town, and enjoy your encounter with wonderful Japanese wine.

Stay tuned for more updates of Japan. See you soon!