While you are in Japan, why not visit the Asakusa Hare Terrace to enjoy the short-distance view of Tokyo Skytree ~tour #111~

浅草ハレテラス Tokyo


There are some hidden spots that I would like overseas visitors who are tired of crowds in Asakusa for a break. Asakusa Hare Terrace is a special place where you can relax while viewing the Tokyo Skytree. It is on the roof of a building that stands directly above Asakusa Station of the Tobu Railway and Asakusa Station of the Ginza Subway Line. Up to the third floor of this building is the Matsuya Asakusa Department store, so the location is easy to find.


Follow this guide to the elevator or take the stairs from the 7th floor and open this door.


Here is Tokyo Skytree

When you open the door, you can’t help but say, “Wow.” You can see the Tokyo Skytree beautifully directly in front of you.



The layout of the rooftop looks like this. In the summer, it is a beer garden, but at other times, it is simple rooftop area. It is somewhat refreshingly empty. What you can see in the back is the clock tower.


Shusse Inari Shrine

On the other side of the clock tower is the Inari Shrine. As a family of Kyoto Fushimi Shrine, Inari-shrine, which was originally located in this area, was moved to the rooftop when the Asakusa Station building of the Tobu Railway opened in 1931, and it is said that it has benefits such as prosperous business, family safety, traffic safety, academic achievement, and improvement of performing arts. It’s a great place.


The building is a location for Matsuya Asakusa Department Store located up to the 3rd floor, and from the 4th floor, you can find Kumazawa Bookstore, Nitori, and 100 yen shop.

Good Chinese restaurant on the 7th floor

The 7th floor is a restaurant area. I recommend the long-established Chinese restaurant “Kahin” with its main store in Yotsuya. It is a popular restaurant with men and women of all ages. The restaurant famous for its “buckwheat with oyster sauce” that novelist Ken Kaiko loved. I ordered fried rice and gomoku yakisoba. The fried rice was so delicious that I forgot to take a photo.


Let’s visit Asakusa Hare terrace to view the Tokyo Skytree, take a break in Asakusa, visit Shusse Inari Shrine, and enjoy delicious Chinese food.

Stay tuned for more updates of Japan. See you soon!
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1-4-1, Kawado, Taito-ku, Tokyo